How hackers can steal data from a computer using a drone and a blinking LED

Hackers have learned to hack any device connected to the Internet, from computers to cars. It would seem that in order to keep important information safe, we disconnect the device from the network and sleep well. However, according to experts in the field of cybersecurity, hackers just need to take control of the blinking LED on the computer in order to get a steady stream of information that will read ... a drone with a camera "hanging" outside the window.

A team of researchers from the Information Security Center of Ben-Gurion University (Israel) has demonstrated a new way of data theft, potentially available to cyber fraudsters.

The injected malware infects the computer and takes control of the hard drive LED. As a result, the LED starts blinking at a frequency of up to 1000 Hz, encodes and sends data that is read by the drone hovering outside the window. In this case, the computer user will not find anything.

Indeed, there is no limit to the deceit of hackers, therefore, in order not to become their victim, you need to install a reliable antivirus and, just in case ... draw the curtains.