Researchers say Facebook users are changing their perception of time

If you have ever "jumped" for a minute on your Facebook page and suddenly realize that you have been there for an hour, know that everything is in order with your head. Recent studies by psychologists at the University of Kent have found that Internet users lose track of time, and this is most evident in social media.

Scientists have found evidence of the influence of the most popular social networks on the perception of time due to the constant attention and the action of the corresponding arousal mechanisms. Compared to visitors to other sites, Facebook and VKontakte users literally lose track of time.

As an experiment, a survey was conducted with the participation of 44 people, who were shown 20 different photographs. 5 of them were related to Facebook, 5 - to other sites and 10 had a neutral control focus.

The main finding of the study was that people who saw FB-related images in front of them underestimated time compared to participants who saw other images.

The obtained results will help in the further study of Internet addiction and addiction of people to social networks.