4 tips for parents on how to keep their children safe from the "dangerous" Internet

Most parents share the fear that our children are becoming addicted to technology on the Internet. However, at the same time, almost half of the parents are still in the dark about the life of their children in virtual reality. British experts have offered 4 simple tips on how to protect a child who finds himself on the Internet.

1. Parents should set a positive personal example by limiting their social media and smartphone use, at least during dinner or with family.

2. Talk more often with your child about Internet safety. The simplest example: explaining that you shouldn't open emails from strangers.

3. Warn about fake social media profiles and persuade your child to decline friend requests from strangers.

4. Take control of your home network by installing appropriate antivirus software that allows parents to control home computers.

These tips were published after a survey of 1, 000 UK parents. It turned out that 40% of them are fully aware of their children's online life. Almost a third - 29% of parents show complete indifference to her. Another third expressed their readiness to monitor their children's online activity if an easier way to do it appears.

42% of parents are ready to restrict the use of the Internet only during sleep, and only 28% of parents allow using the Internet when all safety rules are fully observed.