Canada announced high-speed Internet as a basic service for residents of the country

About 82% of Canadians already had 50 Mbps broadband internet access last year. In comparison with many countries of the world, this is already a very high figure. However, the country's government has set the task of making the Internet accessible to all citizens of Canada. For this purpose, it is envisaged to allocate 750 million Canadian dollars (557 million US dollars).

If the program is implemented, all citizens of the country will have access to the Internet with the speed of incoming and outgoing connections of 50 and 10 Mbit / s, respectively. Canadian residents will also benefit from advanced mobile wireless technologies available both at home and on the road.

750 million dollars over five years will be invested in the development of infrastructure in regions where it does not yet meet the above parameters. This will help in realizing the right of citizens to receive information, which consumers and individual entrepreneurs can use to create new business opportunities.