Netflix reveals the secrets of its experiments

Customers of the largest streaming media provider, Netflix, have probably noticed that its home page changes every time you log in. It turns out that this is part of a complex experiment that Netflix is ​​conducting to grab the attention of new users.

The secrets of the experiments were revealed by the company's engineers Gopal Krishnanan and Steve Urban, who are in charge of testing. The main purpose of the so-called A / B tests is to assess user reaction, which is used to plan future strategies.

During the experiment, several images are used for different purposes. In the future, some of them will take place on billboards, while others will appear as DVD covers.

One of Netflix's early experiments was The Short Game, a documentary about kids playing golf. The main test was the default image used for the DVD artwork, with the team experimenting with showing art shots or screenshots directly from the movie itself.

By measuring how many people clicked on a title, how long they watched a video, how quickly they switched to something else, Netflix was able to figure out which image is the best for the design. For example, one of the options managed to attract 14% more views, which resulted in a huge number of new viewers.

The company has identified three factors that make an image winning. In the first place are images of faces with strong emotional expression (for example, famous villains) and those with fewer actors.

It also turned out that there are nuances in perception and between viewers from different countries. For example, what is of interest to the Germans or the Americans will be completely indifferent to the British.