Google creates information hub to help refugees

The border crisis in Europe, associated with a gigantic influx of refugees, continues. To help them get the information they need, Google launched an online hub where refugees can find what they need. It was named "Crisis Information Concentrator".

Its main focus is the timely provision of local information in an accessible format, which will also be facilitated by the blog created by the Internet giant. The fact is that many refugees on the way actively use mobile phones, trying to establish contact with their relatives.

On the online site, people can find information about check-in centers, ferries, bus tickets, hotels and more. Google also donated $ 5.5 million in financial aid to charities helping refugees. This money went to make emergency money transfers and provide Wi-Fi for refugee camps.

In addition, Google has asked everyone who speaks Arabic and German to join the Google Translate community to help translate migrants in transit European countries.

So far, the service operates only within the Greek island of Lesvos, but soon it will cover other European countries.