Hacker spied on people using their webcams

34-year-old Stefan Rigaud came to the attention of the National Crime Agency (NAK) of Great Britain after video clips of intimate scenes of his acquaintances were found on his computer, filmed via Skype. In November last year, during an international investigation, he was arrested and received a 20-week suspended sentence with registration as a sexual offender.

Today, in order to find out about someone's intimate details, it is not at all necessary to peep through the keyhole and even install a hidden camera. Stefan Rigaud went the other way, purchasing the BlackShades Remote Access Trojan (RAT) in the name of his girlfriend, which allows him to secretly control other people's computers.

According to a spokesman for the NAK, "rats" have become a big problem, as people do not suspect that they are being monitored through their own computer and the case of Stefan Rigaud confirms this. FireEye cybersecurity specialist Jens Monred commented on the incident:

“The BlackShades (RAT) application is fairly easy to detect, but as a rule, when using it, attackers for some reason believe that they are doing something heroic. Therefore, you need to be very careful when clicking on suspicious links or downloading questionable email attachments. "