Facebook to provide satellite internet to Africa

Until now, the Inernet.org project has been the main tool for promoting the Internet giant's IT technologies. However, apparently, its scope turned out to be tight for the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. From now on, Facebook is going to explore space in order to more actively bring the Internet to the masses on Earth.

The main goal of the new project is to create a communication system on the African continent that provides access to the Internet for millions of Africans who are currently deprived of such an opportunity. The main partners of Zuckerberg will be the largest French satellite operator - Eutelsat, which has an impressive space fleet of 39 satellites.

The third participant in the project will be the Israeli company Halal Tikshoret, the developer and creator of the Amos-6 communications satellite, which will bear the main burden of “delivering” the signal to Earth. The launch of the spacecraft into orbit will be provided by Space X using a Falcon-9 launch vehicle.

Amos-6 will broadcast to Africa on 36 channels at frequencies from 26.5 to 40 GHz and on 3 channels to the countries of the Middle East and Europe at 12-18 GHz. With the successful implementation of the project, Halal Tikshoret will earn $ 100 million.