What Facebook knows about its users

Recently, numerous materials began to appear on the Internet that social networks in general, and their largest representative - Facebook, have detailed information, commensurate with the dossier, for each of its users.

The well-known “like” appraisal service has become the main tool in the hands of Facebook owners. It turns out that the user's "likes" can be used to accurately determine his social portrait.

Given the availability of social networks, all this huge array of information is successfully used by special services for their sometimes not entirely plausible purposes.

A group of British scientists has developed an interactive tool - a test called Magic Sauce, with the help of which anyone can find out what information the social network has about him.

By connecting "Magic Sauce" to your Facebook account, you get an almost instant result, where political views, intelligence, religion, self-esteem, and sexual preferences will be assessed. The level of education, marital status and defining personality traits will not be ignored.

Many Internet experts believe that Facebook's activity of tracking information about its users is illegal because it violates privacy laws.