Telecommunications experts say the internet is facing a crisis

In late April, a meeting was held at the Royal Society of London with the participation of leading engineers, physicists and representatives of telecommunications companies, at which they discussed the problem of the impending web crisis.

According to the audience, the increasing capabilities of new computers, the boom in Internet television, and the emergence of streaming services are about to overwhelm the communications infrastructure, which is literally already “bursting at the seams”. Until now, engineers have managed to outpace demand, but over the past 10 years, Internet speeds have increased 50 times from 2 to 100 Mb / s.

The greatest load falls on fiber optic cables, literally encircling the entire planet. Professor Ellis from the University of Aston (Birmingham) said in one of his interviews that the data obtained in the course of research in his laboratory is already barely able to "cram" into a fiber-optic network. He believes that in about 8 years, its capabilities will be completely exhausted.

The laying of new lines will be fraught with huge energy costs and an increase in the cost of Internet traffic. So in the UK already now it accounts for up to 2% of all energy consumed and a further increase in speed will inevitably increase this figure.

Experts are convinced that in the near future, humanity must decide where it is more profitable to direct renewable energy from solar panels and wind generators - to charge electric vehicles or to provide high-speed Internet traffic.