3D Print Expo: what will surprise the second exhibition of 3D technologies

Each of us has heard about the future of 3D printing technology. Already, it has penetrated into various fields: from architecture and design to medicine and education. Experts working in the field of advanced technologies note that the statement "3D printer in every home" will soon become quite real.

To learn about how 3D printing can affect your life, as well as the efficiency of your business, you can visit the 3D Print Expo, which will be held from 23 to 25 October at the Sokolniki Exhibition Center ...

3D Print Expo will take place over three days, each of which will have its own eventful program. The first exhibition day, October 23, will be a day for business representatives interested in using 3D technologies in their business. A business day is those activities that will attract, first of all, a business audience: businessmen and investors.

On this day, you can talk about the following topics:

  • evolution of 3D printing in a wide variety of industries;
  • how 3D technologies attract new customers;
  • how a 3D printer can help you close big deals and generate more profits;
  • 3D printing in industry;
  • legal aspects of the application of 3D printing.

It is worth noting that on October 23, a round table will also be held to discuss the prospects for additive manufacturing, organized jointly with the Skolkovo innovation center.

The program of the event dedicated to 3D technologies will include a thematic conference, which will be held on October 23rd and 24th. For two days, everyone who is actively interested in advanced 3D technologies will be able to listen to exclusive presentations by international and domestic experts.

These days, you can listen to the reports of such experts as: Yang Yihu (President of Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd.), Willem Belfurt (Managing Partner of De CLERCQ (Netherlands), Ivan Gaidamakin (System Architect 3D Control Systems (USA)), Mario Martinez (CEO of Grupo XDS (Mexico), Olga Berezhnova (commercial director of Cybercom Ltd (Russia)), etc.

In addition to the exhibition and conference, 3D Print Expo has prepared many more creative and unusual activities:

  • master classes, where everyone will be able to test 3D equipment, purchase exhibition samples, print their unique souvenir, create a 3D copy of themselves, etc .;
  • Chocolate Festival, where visitors will see the work of both classic chocolatiers and 3D printers that print chocolate;
  • art gallery, presenting unique objects of art created using 3D technologies (including pieces of furniture printed on a 3D printer);
  • fashion show with unique models of clothing and accessories;
  • chess tournament on 3D printed eco-chess.

Also within the framework of the exhibition, on October 24, the prestigious 3D Print Awards will be held - for the best achievements in the field of 3D technologies in Eastern Europe.

The 2014 3D Print Awards will be the first to highlight the best achievements of the 3D printing and scanning business industry.