The second exhibition of robotics Robotics Expo 2014 will be held in Moscow

Robotics Expo 2014 is the second exhibition of robotics and advanced technologies, which will be held in Moscow on November 27-29 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center. The event has a unique format and is aimed both at the business audience, people directly involved in the robotics market, and at end consumers who are passionate about modern technologies, robotics and open to everything new.

“We are glad that our event has become the first professional platform for robot builders and distributors of robotics, and that every day more and more not only geeks and engineers, but also ordinary people of all ages and professions are interested in new technologies. Observing this trend, we can say that the audience of Robotics Expo will only grow, ”- curator of Robotics Expo, Ekaterina Eremina.

In 2014, the Robotics Expo will become even wider and more exciting:

  • Industrial robotics is one of the most promising areas in Russia. The super-technology and super-machines that other machines create are a must see!
  • Household robotics. For a long time, there is no point in wasting time cleaning or money for a housekeeper. Robot vacuum cleaners, robotic floor polishers, robotic lawn mowers, robots for cleaning windows or swimming pools are great helpers, freeing us from routine unnecessary work. See for yourself at Robotics Expo!
  • 3D printing. If you work in the field of: construction, medicine, jewelry, souvenir production, clothing or shoe modeling - discover new 3D printing technologies that will facilitate and improve your production process.
  • Drone Zone. Do not be surprised when a drone will deliver it to you after ordering a pizza a week later. Indeed, soon drones will deprive some couriers of work, as well as photographers, security guards, builders, etc.
  • Personal robots. A robot assistant, a robot friend, a robot that helps you to be in two places at the same time, will become a nanny for children or a nurse for the elderly.
  • Augmented reality. Among other things, at Robotics Expo we will be presenting a new section dedicated to augmented reality. Scopes of its application: retail, sports, tourism, entertainment industry.

Every day there are more and more advanced technologies, gadgets, robots around the world. The organizers of the exhibition want to find inventors in Russia and invite them to the Speed ​​Dealing section. This is a unique opportunity for developers and startups to present their ideas to investors and business accelerators. Fast one-on-one dates, a laconic presentation of the essence of the project, high-quality feedback and, in the long term, funding. Invented a cool robotic thing - tell me about it at Speed ​​Dealing.

And for dessert, a robot show awaits all visitors to the Robotics Expo. If the performances of the stars of domestic and foreign show business no longer impress you, we invite you to see how robots are laid out on the stage.