The moon has internet that works faster than your home Wi-Fi

Scientists from NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have demonstrated a communication channel between terrestrial telescopes and a satellite orbiting the Moon. The information highway, formed by a beam of infrared pulses, delivers an incredible download speed of 622 Mb / s. This is faster than the vast majority of broadcast channels on Earth.

This speed is guaranteed only in one direction, from the Moon to the Earth. Data transfer in the other direction, from the Earth to the Moon, is carried out somewhat slower - at a speed of 19, 44 Mb / s. This speed is unlikely to impress the residents of South Korea, but it is several times higher than the average Internet speed in Russia. And this is quite enough to transmit data from the Moon, given the distance of 384, 400 km.

Transmitting a signal through the Earth's atmosphere is difficult enough, so the scientists used four separate infrared telescopes located in New Mexico. This greatly increases the chances that at least one of the signals will reach the satellite. This is similar to a Wi-Fi router with multiple antennas.

It is not entirely clear why the Internet is on the Moon, given that there have been no people there since 1972. Perhaps now the situation will change?