For the first time in Russia Make it! Show - a creative festival show for the whole family

On August 30-31, 2014, the first Russian festival of creative activity, creative thinking, science and invention for the whole family will take place Make it! Show. The event promises to be the largest creative event in the Do-It-Yourself format in the CIS.

Adults and children alike will be able to see the most incredible masterpieces of engineering. The festival-show venues of various directions will present amazing examples in the field of science, art, technology, and entertainment zones will make the pastime at the festival interactive and fun.

The festival includes:

  • dynamic show program on stage;
  • master classes in all kinds of disciplines and crafts;
  • a large-scale exhibition area, which will host certain already well-known and promising projects in special sections: inventions, science, innovation, 3D, robots, art, do-it-yourself (do it yourself), handmade, games, sports, etc.

The show festival is a unique opportunity, regardless of age, experience and training, to find oneself in creativity, art, science, communication with positive people, inventors, engineers and scientists.

The main directions of the festival sites:

  • Do-it-yourself - home, everyday life, decor, designer furniture, equipment "for creating things" - small construction equipment;
  • 3D - printers, scanners, technologies;
  • ART - contemporary art, design, fashion design;
  • FUN - board and physical (active) games, slot machines and simulators;
  • JUST Make it - sports area (acrobatics, tricks, dances, freestyle, sports shows);
  • GREEN - alternative energy, material processing, ecology, biology, woodworking;
  • GOODs - goods stores;
  • LAB - chemistry, physics, mechanics;
  • SHINE - photo, video. Cinema hall;
  • ROBO - robotics;
  • GREAT - computers;
  • FLY - flying vehicles, quadrocopters and controlled models, astronautics;
  • COOL - mobile technologies;
  • Food court - restaurants.

Make it! The Show will become a meeting place for young scientists and developers of bold concepts, creative teams and artists who are interested in finding new ideas, developing technologies and scientific and cultural exchange of innovations.

We are waiting for all those who:

  • - follows popular, trendy things;
  • - actively uses the Internet and social media;
  • - interested in new technologies;
  • - has several creative hobbies;
  • - an active participant in society;
  • - creative, designer, artist;
  • - inventor, innovator.

At the Make it! Show everyone can find an exciting activity for themselves - both an adult and a child, because you can invent and invent at any age and in any business. It is here that you can plunge into the atmosphere of a creative future. Spend your last summer weekend active!

We are waiting for you on August 30 and 31 at the Moscow Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center (Pavilion 4).

Beginning at 10:00.