Beijing Launches Internet Portal to Refute Rumors

It's no secret that not all information on the Web can be trusted. It is often difficult to distinguish rumors from reliable information. In this regard, Chinese enthusiasts decided to help ordinary users and "clean" the Internet from rumors and gossip.

Employees of six Internet companies Qianlong, Sogou, Sohu, Netease, Baidu and Sina Weibo from Beijing launched an online platform dedicated to denying rumors and misinformation circulating on the World Wide Web.

Employees of the portal will collect and collate information from microblogs and news resources, and then publish denials of rumors. Currently, the project participants have collected 100 thousand false messages and found about 30 sites that spread rumors at an enviable frequency.

According to the enthusiasts themselves, they created a project with the aim of eradicating online rumors and teaching Internet users to distinguish reliable information from lies.