Caution: the new iPhone 12 could damage the pacemaker

Not everyone knows that it is better to keep electronic medical implants (for example, pacemakers) away from magnets. To Apple's credit, they warned iPhone 12 and MagSafe chargers about the dangers of being in close proximity to pacemakers, defibrillators, and other implants that respond to magnets and radio waves. You should know: the safe distance in this case is at least 15 cm.

The company has confirmed that the increased number of magnets in the new iPhone 12 should not increase the risks compared to earlier models. The notification, by the way, came a few days after the doctors announced that the new phones could interfere with the implants. The reason is the results of the test with the iPhone 12, which, being at a close distance from the defibrillator, disabled it.

This problem will never arise if you keep your smartphone at a safe distance. At the same time, users of pacemakers should not take unnecessary risks by placing the phone in the breast pocket of a coat, shirt, and also putting it on the chest during rest. In a word, modern technologies, despite all their convenience, do not at all exclude the observance of certain security measures.