The authorities of the Japanese city of Yamato banned the use of smartphones on the go

Authorities in the Japanese city of Yamato have just passed a law that is unusual in these times, prohibiting the use of smartphones while walking.

The rationale for this decision is the recognition of the public danger of using smartphones while walking on the streets. For all the seeming strangeness of such a ban, it was supported by 240, 000 residents of Yamato.

Now, upon arrival at Yamato Train Station, you can hear a warning about the ban on the use of smartphones while walking on sidewalks and in parks. Citizens are instructed to use their phones only after stopping. However, the violators of the ban may not yet be afraid of any sanctions, except perhaps for the comments and even anger of the law-abiding townspeople who turned out to be nearby.

Many Yamato residents believe that walking the streets with their eyes on their phone screens is indeed dangerous, but they are not convinced that a new law was worth it to combat this.