The head of Android Andy Rubin showed a new and extremely unusual smartphone Gem

The ex-president of Google, and now the head of Essential, Andy Rubin, posted on his Twitter photos of the future Gem smartphone, which attracted everyone's attention. This is not a presentation, but rather a deliberate data leak to generate interest in a new product. Officially, this model is just undergoing an early stage of testing, and so far nothing is known about entering the market.

The publication almost does not reveal details about the technical device of the gadget, the emphasis is on an extremely non-standard interface tied to a new form factor, but this topic has not been disclosed either. Gem is a narrow and long smartphone with an edge-to-edge screen and minimal buttons.

Gem looks compact, even diminutive, against the background of current flagship smartphones, but the impression is spoiled by the massive camera protrusion on the back. There is a strange notch just below it - presumably a place for a fingerprint scanner. The outer shell of the case is made of a material that changes colors from different viewing angles.

Judging by the few images, the interface is built on the basis of widgets, by analogy with a smart watch, which is logical when there is a shortage of screen space. Apps have a distinct vertical orientation and often split the screen in half at once, using different parts for specific functions. How convenient it will be is still difficult to say.