LG announced the release of a smartphone with three screens

LG has published a short intriguing video announcing a new smartphone model. It is distinguished from others by the presence of three functional screens at once. In the video, each of the screens is used for different tasks: for playing a video game, plotting a route on a map, and displaying messages. The official presentation is scheduled for September 6, 2019.

Visually, the new product is close to the conceptual model of the LG V50 ThinQ smartphone, shown six months ago. The difference is precisely in the third screen - earlier the smartphone was content with two, and nothing hinted that the company's engineers had figured out how to place another display on the gadget. It cannot be ruled out that the problem has not been solved in the format of a one-piece device, and the third screen is only a removable accessory.

It is unlikely that the new smartphone will be flexible - LG has abandoned this direction, despite the preparation of an OLED TV that will go on sale for Catholic Christmas. The screens of the new items, like those of the V50 ThinQ, will be separate, with articulated joints. On the other hand, the third, auxiliary screen may turn out to be flexible, but time will tell whether this is so.