Orro presents an unusual smartphone with a "waterfall screen" without side edges

It's only been a year since BBK Electronics' subsidiaries Oppo and Vivo launched the "full-screen smartphone" race. Now the first of them is ready to present a completely new look of the frameless curved display.

So far, Orro has presented only a prototype: this is a smartphone without the traditional side edge - with a "waterfall screen", the bending angle of which is 88 degrees. That is, if you look at the screen from the front, its borders are not visible, which gives the gadget an unusual and attractive look.

While the technical characteristics of the new device, as well as its commercial prospects, are unknown. Experts express cautious assumptions that a similar technology is being worked on by specialists from the "sister" Vivo, which will be embodied in the future flagship NEX 3. In this regard, the intrigue remains: who will emerge as the winner in this unspoken race.