Xiaomi showed the best prototype of a foldable phone to date

Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bing posted a short promotional video on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo detailing the two-piece foldable phone. Compared to other similar gadgets, the new phone looks much more practical.

It is worth clarifying that Lin Bing presented an experimental model, whose technical characteristics are still unknown. According to him, Xiaomi specialists had to overcome "a number of technical problems - in particular, to master several new technologies - folding screen, folding shaft, flexible cover and adaptation of MIUI." The company seems to have adapted its MIUI software for a foldable phone, which is why you can see in the video that the video on the gadget plays successfully both before and after folding.

According to experts, the presented phone can compete with similar products from Samsung and Chinese companies Royole and Lenovo. Apparently, we will find out more detailed information about the new product from Xiaomi in a month at the Mobile World Congress-2019 sites.