Kyocera unveils world's thinnest mobile phone

All kinds of cards - credit, business and others - are still an integral part of the life of most working Japanese people. Keeping this in mind, Kyocera, a renowned Japanese manufacturer of high-tech ceramic and consumer electronics products, has developed the KY-O1L “card phone” that fits in a card wallet. Already next month, it will be available through Japan's largest mobile operator NTT Docomo.

Due to its miniature dimensions - 5, 3 mm thick and 47 grams - it is by far the thinnest mobile phone in the world. The KY-O1L is equipped with a 2.8-inch e-paper based monochrome screen. The gadget supports LTE communication and has a 380 mAh battery. Due to its modest size, the KY-O1L is somewhat limited in its capabilities: it lacks a camera, it does not have an app store, but it has web browser support.

As for the title of "the thinnest in the world": in 2016, Motorola released its version of the thinnest smartphone - Moto Z with a thickness of only 5.2 mm - however, without taking into account the protruding camera.

Kyocera has priced its creation at 32, 000 yen (about $ 300). Whether it is expensive or not for such a specific gadget is up to users to decide.