Bill Gates forbade his children to use mobile phones under the age of 14

It is generally accepted that the children of the mighty of this world do not know anything about denial. However, this statement does not apply to the heirs of the world's richest man, Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Mirror, he frankly admitted that he did not allow his three offspring - Jennifer (20), Rory (17) and Phoebe (14) to use mobile phones until the age of 14. The ban also extended to the use of smartphones during family meals.

Considering that the head of the family is one of the most iconic figures of the technological revolution, such taboos look somewhat strange. However, he knows best and pamper his own children, despite the gigantic fortune of 87 billion dollars, he does not intend to.

“At a family council, we decided, ” says Bill Gates, “that each of our children will have their first cell phone only after the age of 14”.

The former chairman of Microsoft is very modest in life. He wears a $ 10 wristwatch and is a frequent visitor to McDonald's and Burger King. It is also known that Bill Gates founded the largest charitable foundation, donating $ 61 billion to it.