Snowden develops wiretap-detecting iPhone case

Edward Snowden, a well-known exposer of the illegal activities of the American intelligence services, is working on a protective case for the iPhone, informing the user that he is being tapped. The case contains a measuring device that monitors the signals from the internal antennas of the phone.

The development of the device is based on the assumption that smartphones are vulnerable to hacking by intelligence agencies, even when turned off. Activation of the Airplane mode does not help either, which turns off signal transmission only by software.

Snowden is assisted by hardware hacker Andrew Huang, based in Singapore. A video presentation of the device concept has already taken place at the MIT conference.

The case will have its own processor to avoid possible exposure to malicious apps from the phone itself. It is assumed that the case contains a small screen, which will display the status of the transmitted information and a button to turn off the phone completely.

The cover is primarily intended for journalists working in conflict zones to hide their whereabouts. The development of the prototype should be completed by the end of the year.