McAfee offers its services to jailbreak iPhone serial killer

Renowned antivirus software creator John McAfee said that he was ready to hack the iPhone of the San Bernardino serial killer Syed Farouk for free in the interests of the FBI investigation.

The announcement, published by Business Insider, comes after Apple executives refused to comply with a court order asking them to unlock the gadget belonging to the criminal. The company motivated its decision not to let anyone through the "back door" by the interests of maintaining the inviolability of the confidential information of its clients.

However, John McAfee (by the way, the Libertarian Party running for president of the United States) is determined to punish the evil and carry out his intention, even despite the violation of the law and the reliable iPhone security system. It will take only three weeks, he said. If the attempt fails, Mr. McAfee vows to eat his shoe on the hit TV show Neil Cavuto.

McAfee explains his proposal by the inadmissibility of the FBI having a constant loophole in every iPhone. This is what the intelligence agencies want to get from Apple, instead of limiting themselves to access only to the criminal's mobile device.