Every tenth smartphone owner starts using it immediately after waking up

If you regularly put your mobile phone next to you before bed and look at it after waking up, know that you are not alone.

Research by Deloitte Mobile Consumer has shown that of 4, 000 Britons surveyed, more than a third check their mobile phones 25 to 50 times a day, and 16% do it more than 50 times. In total, UK residents use smartphones more than 1.1 billion times a day. Every year the British buy 32 million smartphones and export 6 million from the country.

Every 10th smartphone owner refers to it immediately after waking up and not only to turn off the alarm clock. 53% continue to use it for the next 15 minutes. Almost half of users aged 18 to 24 check their smartphones within 5 minutes of sleep, looking at emails and updates on social networks. 28% repeat the viewing ritual before going to bed.

Paul Lee, CEO of Deloitte Mobile Consumer, assesses the current situation:

The modern touch screen was developed about 10 years ago and since then has become a part of our life. Constant technical improvements allow us to delegate more and more functions to our mobile phones from ordering a taxi to browsing catalogs and ordering food.

Renowned futurist Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that traditional door keys will soon be a thing of the past as they will be replaced by smart locks controlled from a smartphone. For the same reason, the need for alarm clocks, pocket mirrors, compact video cameras, plastic driver's licenses and bank cards will completely disappear.