Google and Qualcomm will turn Project Tango into a smartphone with a 3D scanner

We have already talked more than once that Google is developing a mobile device with a built-in 3D scanner called Project Tango. As part of early access, developers who received an invitation from Google were able to purchase an innovative 7-inch tablet. But it seems that the novelty did not acquire the expected popularity, and therefore the Internet giant Google decided to release a smartphone with a 3D scanner instead of a tablet. The chip maker Qualcomm will help him in this.

It is reported that Google will supply a camera system that includes, in addition to the main camera, a depth sensor and an additional camera for tracking movements, and Qualcomm, in turn, will equip its solutions for smartphones. The partners intend to first distribute prototypes of Tango smartphones among developers and manufacturers, and then, based on feedback, decide on a production strategy.

We add that Google is actively developing new technologies. For example, the company recently teamed up with leading denim apparel manufacturer Levi's to create smart fabrics.