YotaPhone 2 raised over $ 175,000 on Indiegogo

In February 2014, the Russian company Yota Devices presented the second generation of the unique YotaPhone smartphone, which sports two screens, one of which is made using E-Ink technology (electronic ink). At first, the phone was only available in Russia. But now, the company decided, it's time to expand the geography of its sales. Prior to the launch of YotaPhone 2 in North America, Yota Devices launched a fundraising campaign on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

By launching pre-order acceptance on Indiegogo, the company was going to first of all assess the public's interest in the unique device. As it turned out, the users were really interested in YotaPhone 2, otherwise how can they explain the fact that in the first hour after the launch of the campaign, they managed to collect 75% of the required amount. And to date, the amount of fees has exceeded 175 thousand dollars, which is 320% more than the stated goal (50 thousand dollars). There are still 58 days left until the end of the campaign.

You can order YotaPhone 2 on the campaign page on Indiegogo for $ 550 excluding shipping. Deliveries of smartphones to customers will start in August. By the way, residents of Russia can purchase a second generation YotaPhone at the Yota operator's points of sale and YotaPhone branded stores, as well as in partner stores. The price of the issue is 42, 990 rubles for the white version and 39, 990 rubles for the black version.