Why the iPhone has become a threat to China's national security

In recent days, the Chinese media have been vying to discuss the topic of China's national security, which, it turns out, is seriously threatened by the use of Apple's iPhone smartphones.

The products of the world famous company, which have been sold around the world in millions of copies, upon closer examination turned out to be well-disguised "bugs" capable of tracking the location of their owners. As soon as you, for all else, activate the "Frequent Locations" function and interested persons will be aware of your home address, place of work, as well as the addresses of friends, acquaintances, visited restaurants, shops, etc.

According to experts, knowing such data on a national scale, it is not difficult to assess the economic situation and even gain access to classified information. After all that has been said, it is not difficult to understand the concern of the Chinese media, who, not without reason, believe that thousands of iPhone users in the Middle Kingdom were under the scrutiny of American intelligence services, as former NSA agent Edward Snowden told the world a year ago.

By the way, Apple is far from the only US company suspected of illegal activities against China. Some Google services, access to social networks Twitter and Facebook have already been repeatedly blocked here. An indicative measure was the strict ban on the use of computers with Windows 8 by government agencies.