Selected 100 users to participate in the testing of the modular smartphone Ara

Last fall, the American company Motorola showed the public a modular smartphone Ara. But after the company became the property of Lenovo, its former owner, the Internet giant Google, continued to work on the project. And now the first hundred volunteers have been identified who will take part in testing a unique gadget.

Google has selected one hundred people from more than 90 thousand participants in the dscout research program, who will be the first to receive prototypes of the modular Ara smartphone for testing free of charge. In return, they will have to provide reports and share the experience of using a unique device, which will allow developers to understand what modern users expect from modular devices and focus on important aspects of the project's development.

Unfortunately, when the first 100 lucky people get their hands on modular smartphones Ara, it is not specified. It is only known that testing will take place over the next eight months. By the way, one copy of Ara will go to its user in Chelyabinsk.

The Ara project is slated to be completed in the first half of next year. The "skeleton" of a modular smartphone with a touchscreen display and a Wi-Fi module will cost $ 50, and all other components are offered to be purchased separately.