Google MDK unveils Project Ara modular phone concept for developers

Last week Google released the first information about the Project Ara since it received the concept from Motorola. And the other day the company told a lot more about the project of modular smartphones and presented a set of initial data for module developers (Module Developers Kit - MDK).

Among other things, the documentation specifies that there will be three types of smartphones in total: mini, medium and large. Moreover, each of them is planned to be released in different variations. So, for example, the variant of the average smartphone has at least six configurations.

Google is open to dialogue and provides anyone who wants to make their suggestions on what modules they would like to receive. In addition, the company itself evaluates the project as follows:

"Ara's success is based on a rich and vibrant variety of modules from a variety of developers."

Google encourages the release of the most unusual modules for Project Ara, the combinations of which can vary in the widest range. Starting from any design and ending, for example, with such exotic things as a pulse oximeter - a device for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood.

The first modular smartphones are expected to hit the market as early as next year.