Google will be engaged in the development of a modular smartphone Project Ara

It was reported this week that Internet giant Google is selling Motorola to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo for $ 2.91 billion. The latter will acquire not only mobile production, but also Motorola's patent portfolio. But the project of the modular smartphone Project Ara and the Advanced Technology and Projects group, engaged in its development, will be kept by Google.

We have already talked about the concept Ara modular phone, which was unveiled in October last year by Motorola. And today it turned out that further on the unique project will be engaged not by Lenovo, but by Google, which already has little experience in the production of smartphones (we are talking about reference devices of the Nexus series).

It is reported that all patents and developments on the Project Ara topic will become the property of Microsoft, and the Advanced Technology and Projects team, consisting of a hundred people, will join the Android division.

We remind you that Project Ara is a unique smartphone project, consisting of separate modules. Thus, the user will be able to independently assemble a smartphone for himself, choosing the right camera, processor, display and other elements for him.