New from Apple: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

On the eve, the traditional autumn presentation of Apple, expected by many, took place in Cupertino. And although the company's new products, thanks to photo spying, have long ceased to be secrets, crowds of people wishing to buy fresh models lined up in front of the Apple Store even before the event began. This time the company presented two new iPhone smartphones at once, as well as a number of other products.

The first of these, the iPhone 5S was the world's first smartphone with a full 64-bit processor. As a result, the total computing power of the phone has doubled compared to the previous model.

But the most interesting innovation of the 5S is the Touch ID biometric sensor. A sensor built into the Home button will allow the owner to unlock their phone while undergoing real biometric authentication. Also, the new sensor will allow to identify the user for making purchases in the App Store and in third-party applications.

The second smartphone shown by Apple was the budget iPhone 5C - a plastic and bright smartphone. It features a seamless design and multiple color options. In terms of filling, the smartphone is completely identical to the iPhone 5, except that the battery has become a little more powerful.

Apple's new items will be on sale after September 20. The cost of the 5S (16 Gb) model will be $ 649. And the "budget" iPhone 5C (16 Gb) will cost you $ 549. Prices are valid in American Apple Stores.