TCL Develops 17 '' Scroll Tablet

Over the past years, many companies have promised that very soon we will be surrounded by a variety of gadgets with comfortable, thin and flexible displays. But so far, all developments in this area remain mainly at the concept level. Now they are joined by TCL, which invites us to test the rollout tablet.

TCL presented its development at CES. The tablet has a diagonal of 17 inches and uses OLED-printed display technology (and is still just a concept). When folded, the tablet, dubbed the TCL CS0T, is only a few inches wide so it can be easily stowed away in a pocket. The concept suggested in the company's demo doesn't seem particularly practical, but TCL believes the technology will find applications in other products such as roll-up TVs, curved screens and foldable displays.

Two spring-loaded rollers on each side allow the slim TCL CS0T to unfold like an ancient scroll. Most likely, the screen will be touch-sensitive, although it is not yet entirely clear how to use it while holding the device in your hands. Curiously, TCL claims a printed OLED display will be 20% cheaper than existing screen technologies. Well, it remains to wait for at least a prototype to appear and see everything with your own eyes.