Russian specialists plan to use tablets in outer space

Perhaps soon Russian cosmonauts, going out into outer space, will take their tablets with them. The devices will differ from their terrestrial "counterparts" in the ability to function in a vacuum. Today the development of "space" tablets is a new direction in the work of the "Energia" corporation.

As shown by preliminary tests, modern electronics "feel" quite well in a vacuum. It is especially important that among them there were also tablets. One of the objectives of the test is to develop the skills of manual touch control of the tablet while in a spacesuit, for which special pads on the finger caps have been developed.

It is only natural that tablets designed to work outside the ISS will have some peculiarities. In particular, the battery will be removed from them, which will replace the external sealed power supply. In turn, the displays will be made of high-strength glass.

Energia continues the “tablet” theme of the ISS. In March, Russian cosmonauts already used a tablet inside the Soyuz spacecraft as a repository of onboard information.