Lenovo unveils the world's first "foldable PC" - ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo's X1 Fold foldable computer, which was shown in prototype last May, officially goes on sale this year. Formally, this is a laptop (with appropriate characteristics) that folds in half, up to the size of a large smartphone. The use of light alloys and carbon fiber has reduced the weight of the gadget to 999 grams.

This device is the product of a fruitful collaboration between different brands. A new version of the Core processor has been received from Intel with support for Hybrid Technology, which comes with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB solid state drive. LG has developed a dedicated OLED display that incorporates a sophisticated mechanism designed to fold the screen multiple times. When unfolded, the screen diagonal is 13.3 inches with a maximum resolution of 2048x1536 pixels.

When folded, the halves are fixed with magnets; when unfolded, the gadget can be combined with a Bluetooth Mini Fold keyboard in the mini-laptop format. It is possible to connect a regular keyboard, mouse and a second display via USB-C. The manufacturer claims 11 hours of battery life in the base configuration (priced at $ 2500). But a wide range of additional options have already been prepared, such as support for 5G, the Mini Fold keyboard and the Active Pen.

The X1 Fold is designed to work with Windows, but the enhanced dual-screen version of 10X is not out yet - it's expected later this year. In general, the software that allows you to reveal the advantages of the foldable PC format is still frankly scarce. Therefore, Lenovo pushed the start of sales to mid-2020, hoping for the quickness of partners.