This Intel badge ensures your laptop will last nine hours on a single charge

Intel has launched a small marketing revolution in the notebook segment. Her project "Project Athena" is not a brand, not a campaign or a new standard - the authors themselves call it a "visual identifier". This is the "Engineered for mobile performance" badge that will be awarded to notebooks capable of delivering 9 real hours of battery life under typical load.

No laptop can last 24 hours straight, as advertisements promise. But its writers do not lie - the question is how to interpret the word "work". Playback of super-compressed video with almost zero load on the processor and turning off all modules, perhaps, will show such a result. But Intel insists on a different criterion: constant web surfing, connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, with a screen brightness of at least 250 cd / m². These are realistic conditions - this is how most users work with a laptop.

To get the ID, you need to provide the device model for testing to Intel and it will be very strict. The goal of Project Athena is to show buyers that this particular product is guaranteed to meet the stated standard.

The DELL XPS 13 2-in-1 will be the first laptop to be certified "Engineered for mobile performance". The next models are likely the HP EliteBook 1040 and HP EliteBook 830. Intel has over a hundred partners and everyone will be encouraged to change their policies and switch to honest advertising campaigns.