The most dangerous laptop in the world sold for $ 1.3 million

A laptop called "The Persistence of Chaos" was auctioned for a record $ 1.345 million. Technically, it's just a Samsung NC10 laptop that contains a selection of computer viruses. But not accidental - but the most famous in history for the damage they caused. The very same "Persistence of Chaos" - a new amazing artifact of the digital age.

Cybersecurity company Deep Instinct challenged artist Guo Oh Dong to create a physical, material embodiment of the dangers that threaten digital virtual space. An item that should become a museum piece or part of a collection, but at the same time contain a real threat. As an ancient artifact in which the souls of demons are imprisoned, in theory, capable of returning chaos and turmoil to the real world again.

Such "masterpieces" of virus engineering as WannaCry, with 200, 000 infected systems and $ 4 billion in damage, and BlackEnergy, which brought down the Ukrainian energy system, were chosen as filling the laptop hard drive. There are also the legendary ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig and DarkTequila. The total real damage caused by them in different years is estimated at $ 95 billion.

To keep the evil in captivity, all network interfaces have been dismantled from the laptop. Yes, a skilled IT guy can open the way for malware to the Internet, but that's the point of the idea. Digital evil is safe in itself and awakens only at the will of a person - and until then it can be peacefully kept in plain sight.