Lenovo LaVie Z: ultrabook weighing 700 grams

Few people know, but it was Lenovo in 2014 that owned the right to be called the manufacturer that produces the world's lightest notebooks.

Traditionally, this credit has been attributed to Apple with its 1.3kg MacBook Air. However, last year's Yoga 3 Pro ultrabook was 1.2 kg and quite good specs. Prices for it can be found in online stores in Russia. If the difference of 100 grams could still be given up, then this year you will not get out of it: Lenovo has released a 13-inch ultrabook, two times lighter than the "apple" - only 700 grams!

It is worth noting that the joy of the appearance of such technology on the market is not only in its weight and portability, but also in the fact that the well-known Japanese company NEC was involved in the production of new ultrabooks. Therefore, from the final product, one should expect productive and long work to the delight of the user.

So 700 grams. What did the manufacturer save on to achieve such a weight? First of all, on the material of the case and components - the LaVie Z HZ550 laptop is made of a lithium-magnesium alloy, which not only made it possible to "remove unnecessary" in dimensions, but also to make the case of the device extremely durable.

Alas, the second item is the battery. A battery with a capacity of just over 29 Wh can provide about 6 hours of battery life. Not much, but what can you do. And the reduction in capacity is rather a forced step than a deliberate one. Apart from this, we have an excellent performance model: 13 ”screen 2560x1440 pixels, 128 GB SSD, 5th generation Intel Core I processor (aka Broadwell), although if you wish, the power of the laptop can be raised to Intel Core i7.

It's worth noting that for such a compact device, the 13-inch LaVie Z has a reasonably comfortable keyboard and a responsive trackpad - a rarity in the laptop segment with a screen smaller than 14 inches. So that it will not only be simple and easy to carry with you, but you can also work on it for a long time without problems and discomfort. Just don't go far from the outlet.

At the same time, LaVie Z HZ550 unfolds like a book 180 °, which allows you to significantly expand the scope of the laptop. The start of sales of new items is scheduled for early May. The first ultrabooks will be available to residents of the United States and Japan. The rest will have to wait, at best, until summer.

The announced cost of the ultra-light Lenovo LaVie Z HZ550 is $ 1299 for the base model.