Acer unveils Predator Thronos Air, a futuristic throne for the most passionate gamer

A year ago, Acer showed the "mind-blowing" Thronos gamer chair, more reminiscent of a futuristic throne with the makings of a professional robot servant. Since then, it has become clear that consumers need something simpler, so the new version of the chair turned out to be a quarter cheaper than the previous one - $ 14 thousand versus $ 20 thousand. The main difference is that the mechanisms and drives for automatic adjustment of the chair for the user were removed.

The decision is quite logical, because during the game, the gamer does not often need to change the position of the body and gaming accessories. And you can also manually prepare for the match and adjust the angle of the backrest and footrest. Moreover, the main architecture has remained unchanged: the gamer sits in a chair, in front of which a powerful bracket hangs for attaching three monitors at once. Special trays for placing the keyboard and mouse can be adjusted to the length of the arms.

However, the chair is just a seating position; a powerful gaming computer does not come with it. As well as other equipment, including those same three monitors. If you are ready to pay $ 14 thousand for the ultimate gaming throne, then sales of the Predator Thronos Air will start in the fourth quarter of this year.