Supercomputer "El Capitan" will take over control of the entire US nuclear arsenal

Back in 2000, the US Congress decided to create the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), which would deal with the issues of US nuclear weapons. And recently, the NNSA decided to build a special supercomputer "El Capitan", which will be entrusted with the management of American nuclear reserves. He will start serving in 2023.

The supercomputer will be created by the Cray company. The cost of the project is fabulous: $ 600 million. The design and assembly of "El Capitan" is given only two years - already in 2022 it should be operational. It will take another year to develop suitable software, which will be created by the National Laboratory. Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory.

El Capitan promises to become not only the most powerful supercomputer on the planet - the customer has set a requirement to go to a fundamentally new level. It's about exaflops performance. This is a quintillion of calculations per second, which, with a design performance of 1.5 exaflops, will make the "Captain" more powerful than a hundred other best supercomputers in the world combined.

What tasks should such a monster solve? One of them, according to the director of the Livermore Laboratory, Bill Golnstein, is to assess the potential of enemy nuclear weapons in real time, in order to make "timely decisions" to maintain national security. In the cult action movie The Terminator, the Skynet supercomputer made a very logical decision in a similar situation. He attacked strategic targets in Russia with US nuclear weapons in order to provoke the activation of the Perimeter system and ensure the destruction of the American military that interfered with him. But in the case of "El Capitan", this scenario will not repeat itself?