Microsoft and Alphabet Develop a Course to Educate Quantum Programmers

The concept of quantum computers certainly looks promising, but it may take a long time before its implementation. Nevertheless, preparations for their appearance have already begun. Microsoft teamed up with Alphabet X and Brilliant to begin training quantum programming professionals now.

Their online courses on quantum computing begin with an introduction to the basic concepts - the Microsoft Q # language. Then, future specialists learn to write "simple" quantum algorithms, and then move on to more complex sections. Anyone wishing to master the course of study (without going into the intricacies of quantum physics) will have the opportunity to solve problems and get acquainted with quantum circuits using a simulator that will control the learning outcomes.

The courses will be paid, but short - from 16 to 24 hours. The first two lessons will be available completely free of charge. The developers of the program guarantee that graduates will have “100 lines of full-fledged quantum code” behind them.