JPMorgan Chase uses video games for recruiting

Interns who want to get a job at JPMorgan must play video games. This pilot program was developed by the startup Pymetrics - it uses artificial intelligence to evaluate candidates on various metrics, including attention, memory and altruistic tendencies. You need to show yourself in action, even if solving game problems, and this turned out to be much more effective than questionnaires and interviews.

Matt Mitro, head of recruiting at JPMorgan campus, spoke about the global idea of ​​rethinking the philosophy of how to find new talent. How accurately does one, obviously biased person, assess the abilities of the other, if he, again, deliberately seeks to distort the real indicators in his favor? But the AI ​​cannot be fooled, you cannot speak the teeth, it evaluates the neurobiological indicators of the players and builds their profiles.

The games themselves are simple, not themed, but dynamic. For example, manage to fill the maximum number of balloons with water without breaking any. There are no tactics, the criteria for winning are intentionally contradictory, but there are some clear markers of success and red lines. In a word, everything is like in a real, responsible work of a manager or an agent. It is unrealistic to deceive the system, since it does not provide sufficient freedom of action, especially since it is not the victory itself that is important, but how it is achieved by a specific person.

The existing employees, from among the future colleagues of the candidates, are also encouraged to play games. This is necessary in order to compare the profiles and draw a conclusion to what extent the trainees are ready for such work, what is their training potential. The pilot program will run until 2020, after which it will be determined whether to adopt it as a standard tool for selecting candidates, or to keep it in reserve.