Cell phone turns 40

Today, almost everyone has a cell phone, and this is not only the simplest way to contact the right person at any time. Modern smartphones are very versatile and embrace boundaries that seemed like science fiction a decade ago. And if the first cell phone had not been invented in 1973, we would still be tightly tied with a cord to a stationary device, with no hope of retirement and talking without witnesses.

Yesterday it was 40 years since the creator of cell phone Martin Cooper of Motorola made his first phone call while walking along 6th Avenue in New York. The call was directed to a competitor at Bell Labs, Joel Angel.

At the time, this phone was called Motorola Dynatac. Its battery lasted only 20 minutes of conversation, and it weighed almost one and a half kilograms. Most likely, the call was not too long, because not everyone can hold such a weight for a long time. And now everyone can compare their favorite iPhone with photography and thank the technical progress.