Russian researchers are developing a computer with emotions

As expected, within a year and a half, specialists from the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) will complete the development of the "Virtual Actor" system.

Such an unusual name was dictated by one of the main functions of the system, performing the "duties" of an actor who will play the role of a specific person. Artificial intelligence developers claim that it will be able to delve into the context of what is happening and follow further events.

Russian scientists want to get the machine to work like a thinking person, not a programmed device. She must formulate the learning goals herself, determine the ways to achieve them and answer the questions posed. A specialist in the field of cybernetics, Professor Alexei Samsonovich, defined the main direction of research as follows:

“Our task is to formulate what the basic principles of human intelligence are based on. In terms of adaptability to unexpected situations and the ability to learn, the human brain is in many ways superior to AI. We want to simulate these principles on a computer. "

Scientists are going to create a virtual agent in the form of a computer game. The currently existing computers in terms of their parameters and the amount of memory are quite consistent with humanlike intelligence.

The agent, as a real person, will do good deeds, give way, provide assistance in hard work. Any action presupposes an emotional subtext, as a result of which certain relationships arise - trust, obedience, leadership, etc.

“If a person in the virtual world does not distinguish a person from a machine, ” continues A. Samsonovich, “then we have reached the human level, albeit to a limited extent”.