Watly - a computer that provides clean water, energy and the Internet

Hundreds of millions of people in the world experience a severe deficit in the consumption of the fundamental benefits of civilization - drinking water, electricity and affordable communications. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, 625 million people face these problems.

The joint Italian-Spanish startup Watly aims to solve this problem using the most modern technologies. The "father" of the project - the famous inventor and businessman Marco Attisani, together with his colleagues, has developed a unique device that has several important functions at once - water purification, solar energy generation and free internet.

Watly's energy source is the generous African sun. The cover of the module consists of photovoltaic panels that “pump” up to 140 kilowatt-hours of electricity into the batteries. This amount is sufficient to purify 5000 liters of drinking water daily.

First, the contaminated water is boiled, after which it is distilled and purified. A graphene-based filtration system is responsible for the purity of the water. The battery also powers the access point, which provides wireless Internet access within a radius of 800 meters. In addition, solar energy is sufficient to charge mobile devices.

According to the creators of Watly, within 15 years of its operation, it will be possible to avoid the emission of 2500 tons of greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to 5000 barrels of oil. A prototype module is already being tested in rural Ghana. The next installations will appear in Nigeria, Sudan, and in the future - throughout the African continent. In July, Marco Attisani promised to present an industrial version of Watly, 40 meters long and weighing 15 tons, for potential investors.