Russian engineers from startup Reasonance have developed a wireless TV

As new TVs become thinner and lighter, their creators are looking for ways to install their brainchild almost anywhere, including without using ... the usual power cord.

Russian startup Reasonance presented a prototype of a wireless TV at CES 2021. It uses technology that is capable of transmitting energy over a distance of up to a meter. Moreover, the company guarantees the possibility of increasing the range by adjusting the size of the conductive coils.

The wireless transmission of energy is provided by an external take-up coil on the back of the TV. The developers claim that it could be integrated directly into the TV frame, but this would somewhat "inflate" a 40-inch flat TV.

The problem was solved by installing the coil in a special table located under the base of the TV. The system provides transmission of 120 W of power with a frequency of 20 to 120 kHz over a distance of up to half a meter.

An attempt to create its own wireless TV has already been undertaken by Samsung, but the presentation of its prototype at last year's CES did not take place: the developers decided that it was still too "raw".

Reasonance believes they have solved the problem of balancing the efficiency and cost of the system, which allows it to be integrated into market products. The company has patented its know-how in Russia and has submitted patent applications to the US, EU, China, India, Canada and South Korea.