Sony Crystal LED 16K Display Goes Free Sale

Sony has announced plans to sell the new Crystal LED displays not only to cinemas but also to private customers. This means that now anyone can assemble a 16K video screen at home. True, this will require about 20 meters of free space and almost $ 6 million.

At the heart of the Crystal LED display are micro-LED modules, each 16x18 inches with a 360x360 resolution, with three tiny LEDs to display one pixel. It is similar to OLED technology, however, the new product is much brighter, up to 1000 nits. It uses 10-bit grayscale, 140% sRGB color rendition, and Sony also describes a "fantastic" 3D picture quality.

The modules are folded into one large screen of arbitrary configuration, so everything depends on free space and finances. For example, for a picture in 1080p, 18 modules are needed, for 4K, 72 blocks are already required, and if there is where to put 576 modules at once, then you can get the coveted 16K. True, with the price of one block at $ 10, 000, this means that a 4K screen will cost $ 720, 000, and a 16K screen will cost $ 5.8 million. Although, if a private house has an empty corner more than 20 m wide, it should be assumed that money for such a purchase will also be found.