Hyphoscope: at the junction of technology with a difference of two centuries

What happens when the old meets the slightly less old? That's right, it turns out Hyphoscope. A device that allows you to display animated GIFs without a computer or monitor.

The idea behind the Hyphoscope is to showcase the work of GIF artists live, just like ordinary photographs or drawings. In the end, the device could become a new kind of exhibit for all kinds of museums and art galleries.

The creators of the Hyphoscope were inspired by the old Mutoscope - a device for viewing changing pictures from 1894. The original design consisted of 850 black and white cards, which, when turned over quickly, created the feeling of animation, lasting about a minute.

Modern technologies have made it possible to make the frames in color. However, Hyphoscope only supports 24 frames, which is the best fit for GIFs.

The device itself turned out to be quite compact, 13 x 10 cm. It is based on a construction of aluminum and wood, which allows you to easily rotate the drum with images using a handle and ball bearings.

Hyphoscopes are custom made in Italy for $ 400. Potential buyers will need to send their GIF file to the developers, after which the product will be assembled by hand.