Toshiba 4K TVs start selling in Russia

The Japanese company Toshiba held a special event in Russia, during which it officially announced new TVs supporting Ultra HD or 4K resolution. It is expected that their sales in Russian retail will begin tomorrow.

The manufacturer itself is positioning its new TVs as a continuation of the top model Toshiba 55ZL2 NO GLASS 3D. The screen resolution of the new models is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is twice that of Full HD. In addition to Ultra HD resolution, they also support technology that allows you to view 3D images without special 3D glasses.

Two TV models from the Toshiba L9363 series will be available on the Russian market - with 84-inch and 65-inch displays. They can also be used as a monitor by connecting a system unit or laptop to it.

Sales of new Toshiba 4K TVs in Russia will start on October 1. The recommended retail prices for the 65-inch and 84-inch models are 279, 000 and 699, 000 rubles, respectively.